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The SCX Slot Car story began in 1962 when the Spanish company Exin approached Lyons Bros, who at the time were the producers of slot car brand Scalextric. They asked if they could  manufacture Scalextric products in Spain.  Subsequently a contract was signed, but Initially only the track and transformers were made, not the actual slot cars.  By 1966 Exin started to produced their own slot cars and these became very popular within Spain.  By 1993 the SCX brand was sold the toy giant Tyco and production facilities were moved to China.  However by 1998 after poor sales performances, the SCX brand was again sold, this time to Tecnitoys a company set up primarily to produce SCX and the company is currently based in Barcelona Spain.   Under the new owners SCX has flourished and become a major global player in the slot car world.  Over the past 10 years the SCX brand has grown to be sold  in most countries around the world.  In the following paragraphs I will be exploring some of the many SCX Slot Cars that have made SCX a major global slot car player.


SCX have produced a number of outstanding cars over the last 46 years. Some of these iconic cars can be purchased as second hand items on sites, such as Ebay or Amazon and often command high prices, as sought after items.  In the following paragraphs I will be taking a look at some of the more famous SCX vintage car examples.

SCX Tyrell P34 Altaya Mitgos

F1 Tyrell Ford P34 6 Wheel: SCX produced a superb example of this unusual Formula One car.  The car had 4 front wheels instead of the conventional two.  The idea behind this was to reduce frontal drag and create a more streamlined air flow over the race cars body.  It was released in  1978 and was well received by slot car racing enthusiasts.  The car was powered by a Hornby train type electric motor and had surprisingly good detail for the era.  Another limited edition of the car has since been released by SCX and this has also become a really collectable item.

SCX Porsche 917K Gulf Neldo

Porsche 917K Lemans:  This very famous Lemans car was release by SCX in the early seventies. The car came with a Hornby type train motor and had a good amount of detail in it for the era.  The real car the model represents, was made even more famous by the iconic 1970 Movie Lemans, starting Steve McQueen.  Many enthusiasts believe the movie is be the best motor sport movie ever made. SCX Spain have since re-released a limited Coches Mitigos model that has become a very sought after collectable.

SCX Tyrell Stewart

F1 Tyrell Ford: This model of the famous F1 Tyrell Ford driven by  F1 World Champion Jackie Stewart was released in 1971.  The car was powered by the Hornby type electric motor, which was the commonly used motor at the time and has some really impressive detail in the body work.  SCX have since re-released the model as part of their Vintage series and it comes in a special limited edition presentation box.

In summary, SCX have released a number of highly detailed models of iconic racing cars.  These iconic models form part of the SCX Slot Car History and have helped to make the SCX Slot Car brand a major force in the slot car World today.

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