The SCX Slot Car company have created a 1:43 scale slot car racing system which they have named SCX Compact.  The system is aimed typically at younger children who are just experiencing slot car racing for the first time.  The system is cheaper than its 1:32 scale big brother, takes up less room to set up a decent size track and costs less to buy, actually about half the price of a typical 1:32 scale equivalent.  This makes it an attractive proposition for parents who can purchase the SCX Compact racing system for Christmas or birthdays. The SCX Compact race sets are typically sold in large retail chain stores such as Target and Toys R Us as well as in the normal hobby shops.

SCX Compact Nascar set

SCX Compact Nascar Set

In the following paragraphs I will be taking a look at the SCX Compact racing systems accessing its components, what cars are available, its play value and affordability.

SCX Compact cars include cars from the following motor sports categories;

  • Formula One, cars include Ferrari and McLaren
  • German DTM Touring car series, cars include Mercedes and Audi
  • American Nascar
  • GT Sports cars which include  Porsche and Ferrari
  • Tuning Series cars with blue floor lights

SCX Compact F1 Twin 3

SCX Compact Ferrari and McLaren F1 Cars

Whilst the range is not great when you compare it to large number of cars available in 1:32 scale, there are enough different cars to keep racers interested. As a matter of interest the 1:43 scale cars will run of normal 1:32nd scale SCX track, as well as most other brands of slot car track.

The main advantage that 1:43 scale has over the bigger 1:32nd scale product is that it requires far less room to set up a decent size slot car track.  Available space is a major issue for most house holders, so with a 1:43 scale system you can build an really interesting track on table tennis size board.

There are a number of SCX Compact sets available, which include F1, German DTM touring, American Nascar and GT Sports sets.  Each set typically comes with various track pieces including straights, outer curves, standard curves, changeover tracks and a mechanical type lap counter.  A power supply, two hand throttles and two cars are also supplied.  The sets can be extended by the purchase of additional track sections, so a large track layout can be constructed without taking up a massive amount of space.

The SCX Compact system has great play value especially for younger children.  The cars do not de-slot as easily as the 1:32 scale big brother.  This means less skill is required to race on the compact system and this again favours younger children who are new to slot car racing.  SCX Compact is a lot more affordable than the bigger 1:32 scale system with purchase of additional cars being about one third the cost of a 1:32 scale car.  Although the detail of the cars in not that great and they have no interiors, they are still a reasonable representation of the race cars they represent.  In my opinion SCX compact is an ideal option for parents who are introducing their children to slot car racing for the first time.

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