SCX Slot Car Accessories include a wide variety of products designed to enhance the slot car racing experience. In the following paragraphs I will take a look at a number of the digital products to shed some light on their function and entertainment value to the SCX slot car system.

SCX Digital Lap Counter

The SCX digital lap counter is an impressive piece of kit. It can be programmed to count up to 999 race laps. This can be done up or down depending on the users wishes. A digital display shows how many laps each car has done and will show an indicator light next to a car that has been lapped. The counter comes with a three line display as standard and this can be increased to six with the addition of an expansion module. This will allow lap counting for up to six cars. The digital lap counter takes the guess work out of who is leading a race and adds to the fun of the competition.

SCX digital pit box new

The digital pit box is an excellent SCX Slot Car Accessory. The multi-function fuel manager pit box enable the player to compete with maximum realism, by personalizing and monitoring each slot car. It has the following features;

• Set the size (capacity) of all the car’s fuel tank
• Program the car’s fuel level to be consumed as the race progresses
• Program each car’s braking level individually
• Plan no# of pit stops depending on how much fuel the car starts the race with
• Set the number of laps the race will contain
• Display constant information about the progress of the race

This exciting SCX Slot Car accessory can be purchased and used with any of the SCX digital slot car sets.

SCX Digital Chronometer

The SCX Digital Chronometer is a useful addition to a digital slot car set. It allows for accurate individual car lap timing, within a race situation. Qualifying laps can also be done using the Chronometer. Records can then be kept of the racers best personal lap times and overall lap records can be set and recorded.

SCX Digital Hand Throttle

The SCX Digital Hand Throttle is designed to be used with SCX digital track system. A digital slot car is tuned to the digital throttle via an in car micro-processor chip. This allows the car to be driven on any lane under the control of the digital hand throttle. Special lane changing track sections allow this to happen. The driver depresses a button on the digital hand throttle when the car approaches a lane change section and the car will then change lanes. This can lead to exciting overtaking and adds to the racing spectacle.

SCX Digital Control Unit 2

This SCX Slot Car accessory is where the digital hand throttles are plugged in. It is the digital brain of the slot car track. The digital control unit allows the hand throttles to be individually programmed to control the cars. Another function is speed control for both junior or expert drivers. If the cars are equipped with xenon high intensity head lights, they can be switched on from the control unit. When the race start button is pressed this set all accessories to zero such as lap counters, digital pit box and chronometer.

In summary the addition of these quality well engineered SCX Slot Car Accessories enhances the slot car driving experience and provides extra entertainment for the slot car enthusiast.

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