SCX Slot Car Sets are produced in both Digital and Analogue configurations.  In the following paragraphs I will be exploring some of the digital sets and evaluating their contents for play value.

SCX Digital Pit Box Set


The GT digital pit box set has a new exciting innovation.  The race cars are required to stop on a special track section called the pit box, to refuel.  Failure to do so when required, will mean the car will simply stop, as if it has run out of fuel.

The set has a track length of 6.2 meters, which includes the special pit box track section and control tower.  The set comes with three GT sports car and three digital controllers. There are also three track changing sections, which allow the cars to change lanes.  This is accomplished when a player presses the lane changing button on the digital controller.  As a car approaches the lane changing track section the driver presses the button and his/her car will change lanes. This feature alone has made slot car racing more exciting and means that three people can race each other on a two lane track. The pit box also brings in a tactical element to the race.  The pit box control tower shows the relative fuel loads of each car and when the need to stop for fuel is required. So to win the race you must stop for fuel when required in order to finish to the race.

SCX Digital Tri-oval Nascar


This digital SCX Slot Car set is based on the popular American Nascar Series.  The set has an oval track length of 5.9 meters.  It comes with banked curves and three special lane changing tracks, which allow the digital cars to change lanes during the race.  The set includes three Nascars and three digital controllers.  Each car has a livery which corresponds to the current real Nascars being driven by Dale Earhardt JR,  Jeff Burton and Carl Edwards.  The set has banked curves, which allows the cars to be driven at high speeds, as happens in real Nascar racing.  This set has good play value as skill is required to keep up a high lap speed without de-slotting your car.

SCX Digital Touring Car Set


Another SCX Slot Car set is based on the German DTM Touring Car Series.   The digital set comes with three German Touring Cars, which include an Audi A4, Opel Vectra and a AMG Mercedes.  The Track is 6.2 meters long, has three changeover tracks and comes with three digital hand throttles.  An 18 volt transformer powers the track.  This enables the cars to be driven at high speeds and lots of driving skill is required to keep the slot cars from de-slotting.  As with all the other sets the track length can be increase by purchasing additional track sections.  These include straights, half straights and a number of different radius curve track sections.  In common with the other digital sets the true value in this one is being able to change lanes in order to overtake your opponent.


3 thoughts on “SCX SLOT CAR SETS

  1. halo,
    my name deni, am from bontang indonesia. am interest with your product 4 lanes scx complete 6 M track. what price is it until indonesia?? thanks

  2. Hi’ Deni, whilst my website is an SCX information site it is not the official SCX Company website. This can be found at This is the world wide web site for all SCX products and should be able to provide you with the information you require.
    Cheers, Chris.

  3. Greetings,
    I have every SCX Digital accessory produced and have even purchased two additional SCX Digital packages to utilize in the contemplated building of a very large scenic track. I have 30 SCX Digital Cars and all the Training Cars available. I have in fact spend close to $2000.00 on SCX Digital products. I have put aside the building of the track in as much as I want the Wireless Controllers.
    I’m very confused. I can’t get onto the SCX Worldwide forum and I have been waiting for years for SCX to produce the Wireless Controllers. It is amazing that there have been over the years numerous announcements that the Wireless Controllers were forth coming but nothing has happened except for suggesting that the Controllers were forthcoming soon. It appears that the Wireless Controllers could become available but not through SCX.

    What is going on with SCX. Are they in business or not.

    Your reply would be much appreciated

    Joe Caputo
    Friday Harbor, WA

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